James Cotton – Bridge Street Live


 Friday night James Cotton and his band were at Bridge St Live in Collinsville, Connecticut.  This was my first stop there.  Should probably have been there sooner.  The venue has been doing a lot of shows.  Good quality acts.  Not just blues.

Plenty of Parking.  Pretty good sightlines to the stage.  Table seating with some food service.  Good sound as well and of course a crowd that respected the legend on stage.

Friendly staff and it was passed on to the audience.  I sat with River City Slim and Pat.  RCS said it was the biggest crowd he has seen there.

I brought my sister who is somewhat younger and more of a fan of other genres.

Below is her Facebook post about the night.

From my Sis “James Cotton show last night: Okay, I admit, I didn’t know much about him till last night. OMG!! This man is 76, had throat cancer, can’t sing anymore, can hardly speak, has to be helped onto the stage, BUT HE IS STILL GOING STRONG WITH HIS HARMONICA & SPIRIT!! WOWOWOW!! I was in awe!! No flash cameras, so I didn’t get any pics of him. But what an experience.

 He was soo happy when he saw people dancing & singing along!! It was soo cute. I knew one song, lol, cause Bonnie Raitt had done it. Lol!! :)”

She did find a pic of Cotton to post with her thoughts.  Who knows Maybe some new fans will come aboard.  Well she said it pretty good.

Cotton is on stage and he is having fun.  His big smile just adds to the magic of his harmonica.  So much sound from such a small instrument.  The audience just loved it.

After the show, people were talking about how great a show they just saw.  Darrelll Nulisch’s vocals were strong.  I told him the only way I could describe it was BOLD.

Tom Holland on guitar did some opening vocals and later in the set added some slide.  Noel Neale’s bass playing and stage presence made him an immediate audience favorite.

Cotton did Mojo explaining it was one of the first songs he did with Muddy.

The crowd hung around for CD purchases, autographs, and pictures.

Before the night was over, I ran into Jamioe and Jay, formerly of Black-eyed Sally’s and always taking in the good music.

the 3 of us

I had just seen Cotton at the Shaboo 40th Anniversery show and I could see him again in another month.  He has a rare quality that makes the show fun and while I was not keeping track of what he was playing, Why should I?  I was enjoying the show.

Come back Thursday to the Blog for the week’s Blues Schedule.

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