Blues Schedule March 2 – 8

This Week’s Blues. The blues schedule is as up to date as possible, but it’s always a good idea to call the club to confirm. Infinity Music Hall: Friday, Eight To The Bar; Wednesday, The Carolina Chocolate Drops / Jelly Roll Soul; Thursday, Royal Southern Brotherhood; Norfolk. Black-eyed Sally’s: Friday, The Cobalt Rhythm Kings; Hartford. … Continue reading

Louisiana Red another bluesman passes on

Another sad note, the passing of Louisiana Red.  At the IBC in Memphis, I was talking with Michael Frank of Earwig Records about the chances to see Red this summer.  Frank was doing some planning and lining up gigs for Red.  I always enjoy his shows. I first saw Red perform at the Pocono Blues … Continue reading

Memphis Food Comments

While spending time in Memphis at the IBC food is often as much on the mind as the blues.  The following comments are from a discussion on Facebook held by a number of people who spent time in Memphis.  Some are from veterans and others newbies.  It is a matter of making the week fun and fulfilling.

  • Ok folks, it’s time for a post IBC chicken recap.  Gus’s Chicken, seriously? Not even in the top 10 list of best chicken I’ve had. And I KNOW chicken, it’s almost ALL I eat. The only other fried chicken I tried while in Memphis was Polly’s (Love, Peace & Chicken Grease) Soul Food Cafe. Polly’s, while still not the best chicken I ever had, totally blew away Gus’s – and, despite their AMAZING slogan, not greasy at all. I encourage you to get it with a waffle of course. For non-fried chicken deliciousness, I seriously recommend the chicken sandwich at the Flying Saucer.
  • It tasted great but literally made me ill for 3 days. I like Popeyes better. I’ll never eat at Gus’ again. Sorry Gus. I gave the leftovers to my dog and now have a $300 vet bill. Dog got sick too.





  • Wow, Gus’s takein’ a beating here. I thought it was so good I ate there twice… with no problems.
  • Didn’t make it to Gus’s. But really enjoyed Rendezvous. The brisket was fabulous.
  • Janice & I ate at Rendezvous our last night, after watching the finals…2005 was the last time I had been there. It was as great as I remembered.
  • Love Rendevous..totally dig Polly’s (ate chicken there 3 times during IBC) God bless them chickens..they are ugly and made for eatin’.
  • but Gus’s is the bomb, maybe it’s cos it is fried with a hint of hot sauce, crisp not greasy and damn good is why i like it – still go head to head against any pluckers out there – oh yeh notice the ‘chef’ part of chefjimi, just sayin’.
    we do Gus’s for BMA’s, Rendevous for ribs and stop at Murray’s to get yer man some fly assed clothes. I did not get to Gus’ or Uncle Lou’s on this trip to Memphis, but did have the chicken and waffles at Miss Polly’s which was quite tasty.
  • And don’t forget Jack Pirtle in Memphis.
  • Yes. Wholeheartedly agree. Was very disappointed in Gus’s.
  • We ate at Miss Polly’s 5 or 6 times – best place on Beale out of the places we ate (Superior, Blues City, Club 152, Alfred’s, Silky’s). Alfred’s has the worst hamburger I’ve ever had in my life. PLUS, Polly’s doesn’t have music, so you can always get a seat – never too crowded. I’ll have to try the Hourglass here. We also ate at TGIF Friday 4 times…but that was only out of pure exhaustion and laziness. 🙂





  • Beale Food: Get your hamburgers at Dyer’s. Ribs at Blues City. Gumbo or Red Beans and rice at Rum Boogie. And get your BBQ Nachos at Autozone Park.
  • blt with fried green tomatos..rum boogie..and sorry dont care what anybody says neely interstate barbq…mmmgooooog…history..ribs on beale…..tourist trap ribs…HAHAHAHA
  • I like Blues City Gumbo, ribs, and Skillet Shrimp – Silky’s ribs surprised me – of course Rendezvous and Pollys for Chicken Fried Chicken. good food everywhere imho
  • As far as ribs go…the best ribs are the ones exposed when you eat all the breast meat off the chicken breast.
  • The best ribs I’ve ever had were given to me by one of the guys from the 2008 Memphis in May grand champion barbecue team.
    First rule of ribs-if you need any utensils to remove the rib from the meat, they’re not right. If they’re cooked properly the meat will fall away as you lift the rib bone from the plate.
    Second rule: If you have to add anything at the table, they’re not right.
  • oh wait what about fried pickles, ? the ones at BB’s are limp and sliced while Gus’s are spears crisp, fried and with ranch dipping sauce ! whoa.
  • I haven’t had a Blues City steak since Chef Bonnie Mack died. Their ribeyes were excellent. Blues City cooked them in converted pizza ovens.
  • heard steak at Blues City was outstanding. Actually i liked Polly’s for breakfast of eggs, sausage and strong coffee (when not having Gus’s for breakfast). Gumbo at King’s Palace was pretty good, had some depth to it and good dark brown base. Silky’s gumbo was also very good. Could pass on their oysters with spinach – too spinachy and very wet, classic (bienvilles) were good.  Kings Palace dry rubbed ribs were disappointing – way too DRY (for me) i guess i’m a wet kinda guy.

  • We ate at the Pig on Beale the first night and I got to say that my local BBQ joint in Alabama blows it away. Actually, I can think of 5 BBQ joints close (-ish) to me that could beat it.   The Rendezvous, however, DID live up to the hype.

  • My thoughts: Gus’s ROCKED!!! Absolutely the best chicken I’ve had, blows Popeye’s out of the water… Miss Polly’s-Not perfect, but the best breakfast joint on Beale, and a good lunch too, with fried pickles… Blues City-Really good ribs, …and chili was outstanding-not too crazy about the tamales, decent but I’ve had better (Abe’s in Clarksdale MS has the best I’ve had). Best catfish was at the take-out next to Miss Polly’s-Marcie said it the best she’s had in years. Rum Boogie had great red beans and rice, and I forgot what chicken we had there, but that was mighty fine too… Didn’t do Rendezvous this year, but it was great last time I was in there (service with a sneer though) Dyer’s was possibly the best burger I’ve ever had, and definitely the most different.
  • I didn’t plan my trip til the last minute, AND I invested in 200 CD’s to give away, so my food budget was woefully small! So unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience much of the local cuisine! I did have some amazing deep fried Strawberries @… that little cafe next to the Band Box Thanks Miss Breeze! Amazing! The waitress said it’s beignet batter,
  • After hearing about the service at Rendezvous, we were pleasantly surprised at the good service we got there. Arcade for breakfast was good, but nothing to write home about. Abe’s was decent
  • The only burger I ate in Memphis this trip was the soul burger at Ernestine & Hazel’s. Small but oh so right. And the most courteous service of anywhere.
  • That place with the catfish and deep fried strawberries is Johnnie G’s.
  • Need to check out Uncle Lou’s next time you are in memphis. Out by the airport, but SO WORTH IT
  • what’s the name of the barbecue place at Holmes and Getwell?
  • do you mean Tom’s BBQ?
  • Is there an Uncle Chuck’s BBQ? My shuttle driver ask me if I like BBQ, I said sure, he said, I like you, I’m gonna buy you some good BBQ and he whips into this place, I said you don’t have to do that, he said, “yea, but I want some” LOL He said u like ribs or shoulder?, I said shoulder…., man was it good!!! I think the place was called Uncle Chucks. One of those places that didn’t like real fancy but the Q was great!
  • Tom’s is the place. Excellent pulled pork. I’ve never had their ribs.
  • Pulled pork is great..funny, never had their ribs either
  • A lot of the places were lacking, blues city cafe was the worst forty dollers Ive spent in my life, and I’ve been eating there for years, time to step it up a bit Memphis!!!!We may have lost are taste for other things but are pallets are still intact.
  • I only had the catfish at Blues City Cafe and it was the worst I’ve EVER tasted – so never went back for anything else. Just because catfish LIVE in mud, doesn’t mean they should TASTE like mud!  To their credit…the fries that came with the catfish were amazing. Usually large cut fries are all bland and tasteless in the middle, these were quite tasty.
  • I almost never eat fried catfish in a restaurant. It’s never as good as mine. One exception-the Hollywood Cafe at Robinsonville, Mississippi.
  • The catfish and cheeses grits and the”cathead” biscuts at Cock a doos were amazing,not to mention the sweet potato hashbrowns.
  • ALL MEMPHIS SOUL FOOD WAS FABULOUS for us Cunuks… I’ll be missin’ that big time! (Your fine, southern hospitality is mighty special too.)
  • I have to say Gus’s was the best for us gals!! By FAR the BEST we had there and anywhere I have travel to in the states and canada.
  • I’m not a fried chicken person, but Gus’ was delicious!

Now for me personally, Chicken at Gus’ and the steak at Blues City Café, BBQ is all over Memphis and everyone has a favorite.  For me it is a family owned place that I have been visiting for years off the beaten path.

Blues Schedule February 25 – March 1

This Week’s Blues. The blues schedule is as up to date as possible, but it’s always a good idea to call the club to confirm.  More than ever one should check with the clubs.  In putting together the schedule changes occurred in a matter of days.  If you have a favorite club, you may want … Continue reading

Willimantic Festival This Weekend

Are you ready to turn the energy level up.  There’s no better way to beat the doldrums of winter than a stop at the 10th annual Willimantic Winter Blues Fest!  This is the community getting together and doing its part to make the Summer Third Thursday Fests successful. It is set for this Saturday, the … Continue reading

Mardi Gras Nears

Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday is coming up.  It is a good reason for having a party.  If we were down in New Orleans, we would be celebrating for a month.  Here in Connecticut we do a long weekend. Mardi Gras is the theme at Infinity Music Hall Friday with a Buckwheat Zydeco Mardi Gras … Continue reading

Blues Schedule February 17 – 23

This Week’s Blues. The blues schedule is as up to date as possible, but it’s always a good idea to call the club to confirm. Black-eyed Sally’s: Friday, Popa Chubby; Saturday, Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts; Tuesday, Fat Tuesday w/River City Slim & the Zydeco Hogs; Hartford. (860) 278 7427 The Cypress Grill: Saturday, … Continue reading

Schedule February 10 – 16

This Week’s Blues. The blues schedule is as up to date as possible, but it’s always a good idea to call the club to confirm. Black-eyed Sally’s: Friday, Joe Louis Walker / Bill “Swamp” Shaka & Tony C; Saturday, The Colbys; Hartford. (860) 278 7427 Infinity Music Hall: Sunday, Tab Benoit / Mike Zito; Norfolk. … Continue reading

IBC – Epilogue

Well the IBC is over and most of the fans and bands have made their way home.  But from the e-mails and Facebook posts it is still alive. So as a quick review, I have some final thoughts and probably a few things I forget to mention.  The atmosphere in Memphis is friendly everywhere.  The … Continue reading

IBC Saturday

Saturday and the IBC is winding down.  The morning starts off with a brunch and the presentation of the Keeping the Blues Alive awards.  These are given to non-musicians that do the other work in the blues, writing, booking, promoting, DJs. The KBAs are awarded to non-performers strictly on the basis of merit by a … Continue reading