IBC – Epilogue

Well the IBC is over and most of the fans and bands have made their way home.  But from the e-mails and Facebook posts it is still alive.

So as a quick review, I have some final thoughts and probably a few things I forget to mention.  The atmosphere in Memphis is friendly everywhere.  The wait staff at the Pig on Beale were very nice to me as I was drowned in sweet tea.

Many of the people I talked with remarked how pleasant the service staff were at all the places visited.

The Trolley rides were enjoyable.  It is a good tour and an easy way to get around.  I will be making the Trolley pass part of my trip plans.  It is an easy way to the Arcade for breakfast or any other places on So. Main Street.

Speaking of So. Main Street, I hope all got a chance to see the new Blues Foundation space.  Big, bright, and full of blues relics(?), it shows the growth that is taking place.  The future Blues Hall of Fame is a work in progress.  Hopefully we all can get behind it and help with some funding.  It is going to take some construction as they open the lower level for exhibits and a video display..

One of the truly nice parts of the Band finals was when Wayne Jackson was recognized on stage.  The Memphis Horns are being recognized with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award.  As he spoke, his voice cracked, letting us know how much this meant to him.

I got a little nervous on the plane ride to Atlanta.  Thought I might miss my connection.  But the pilot asked those not making a critical connection to stay seated and let the rest of us off.  So, I got home in time to see the replay of the safety.

My tradition for the SuperBowl is pasta.  I was hoping Aaron Hernandez would get another touchdown.  He is from the town next door and a lot of local pride rides with him.

Lastly, as I read posts and think of my visit, it is the meeting people that really adds to the enjoyment of the music.  Old friends from past IBCs, new friends from recent posts, and just people you are sitting near.  As the night I was seated near a table with a number of red-shirted blues fans.  Then I noticed the Alabama, so what could I say but “Roll Tide.”

The IBC has grown and at a good pace.  This year one of the sponsors was the Canadian government.  They pretty much had acts from coast to coast participating.  And they held a little showcase at a local club.

The International aspect cannot be understated.  One could hear a number of languages being spoken.  All in all, I didn’t do everything I wanted to do or eat at all the good spots.  BUT what I did I enjoyed and have left things to do on the next trip.

I hope you enjoyed this trip with me as much as I enjoyed taking it.  And as the RoadHog says. “Travel safe and keep traveling with the Blues.”



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Blues columnist writing a weekly column dedicated to the Blues. The only column of its kind in a commercial (paid subscription) newspaper. Column appears in the Middletown Press, Bristol Press, Torrington Register-Citizen, and the New Britain Herald. Forcella has served on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation representing the Journalism constituency. Served on the Board of Directors Connecticut Blues Society as Past President and Past Editor of newsletter. Recipient: Keeping the Blues Alive award in Journalism from the Blues Foundation. Has contributed both writing and photos to nationnal blues publications.

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