IBC Day 2 PM

IBC Day 2 – Tuesday PM

Well, we had that great lunch at Alecenia’s.  Now for some more blues.

Now the Day Two activities are ready for us to gear up for after a relaxing start.  IBC activities begin today in the late afternoon.  At 5:30 the International Showcase hosted by the Beale Street Merchants Association takes place.  This is performances by a dozen international acts at the New Daisy Theater.  In addition, the Beale Street Merchants provided a buffet for the audience.

At 8:00, it is a Generation Blues Jam Benefit hosted by 2014 KBA recipient Tas Cru at the Rum Boogie Café.  Last night Tas promised some talented vocalists joining the jam.  And opening it up to all.  No bands, just individuals joining on stage.

Before we left we stopped in the lobby for a visit with Penny Lane.  Morris and Carson were still jamming.  Carson switched to guitar and vocals.  He handled both well enough to hold his audience.  His voice had a maturity beyond his years and he will only get better as he ages.

Now it was time to grab the trolley and head to Beale Street.


It was a brisk stroll to the New Daisy Theater as the weather turned pretty cold for Memphis.  There were actually snow flurries during the day.


This is kind of a meet and greet and a good chance to get a feel for the blues across the globe.  The night was scheduled to have 12 bands but a youth band from the Phillipines had to cancel when two members got the measles.

Blues Foundation Deputy Director Joe Whitmer welcomed everyone.  Let them know the food was ready and we settled in for a night of entertainment.

President & CEO Jay Selimen acted as MC.


His comments made the time between sets pass quickly.  We were given some history about the bands.  Comments on the Blues Affiliates that sent them to Memphis, and info on things scheduled.  Jay brought up the Health Fair being held for two days.  Another sign of the Blues Foundation real and deep commitment to the blues.

Then the blues began.  It seemed like each of the acts had something different to offer.

Now the easy part. Here are some phots of each act.  Remember a picture is worth a 1000 words so this is one long blog!!!

Herbie & Guitarguy – Dutch Blues Foundation



Tim Lothar & Holger Daub – Baltic Blues


Joe Elbaz & Blue Angels – Israel Blues Society

Joe  Elbaz

Joe Elbaz


Tracy K & Jamie Steinoff – Thunder Bay Blues Society, Canada



Zamba – Croatian Blues Society


Naffis & Massarutto – Delta Blues, Italy


Brat Pack – Philippine Blues Society


Felix Slim – Barcelona Blues Society



Jan Galach Band – TB King Blues Club, Poland


Chris O’connor – Sydney Blues Society


Blues Power Band – France Blues


After the show a hamburger was in order.  We stopped at Dyers, doing burgers since 1912.  Legend has it they use the same grease.  In fact when they changed locations, the Police escorted the grease to the new location.

A good tasting Hamburger and fries and back to call it a night.


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