Why I Love the Blues – Web series


This post is from a musician/blues lover I met in Memphis this past IBC.  Below is information on a web series he created.

Why I Love the Blues

A web series spreading the love of The Blues and connecting The Blues community across the Planet.

Official Launch date May 28, 2014.

Marshall Lawrence http://www.facebook.com/l/NAQHeq5Q7AQFeoPkJihlbNha0NHT3REPZEN-rVryFmgpJBA/www.marshalllawrence.com

Marshall Lawrence

Marshall Lawrence

In January 2014, Marshall Lawrence went down to Memphis to be a judge in the International Blues Challenge (IBC) and also to perform a set for the Blind Raccoon showcase.  It was his first time down there and he had a blast.  The feeling of community and fellowship in the Blues was certainly prevalent at the IBC.  Marshall and I whole heartedly recommend that you attend the IBC whether you are a Blues lover or not.

One thing that struck him was the enthusiasm for the Blues that exuded from the musicians and from the fans.  He wanted to find out where this passion for the Blues comes from.  Armed with a video camera Marshall decided to ask them.  So he set up his camera in the Orpheum during the IBC Finals.  Based on these interviews, he created the WEB series “Why I Love The Blues”.

Interview Site

Interview Site

Initially he  thought that maybe 1 or 2 people “might” be interested in coming in front of the camera for an interview. Was he wrong.  The response from the Blues community at the IBC was overwhelming.  In just a couple of days, he filmed over 50 interviews and got some interesting perspectives.

Waitingfor an interview

Waitingfor an interview

Based on these interviews, Marshall created a series of web episodes on “Why I Love The Blues”.  It’s been a huge undertaking but it’s been lots of fun.  The official Launch date for the WEB series is May 28, 2014.

Here are the links to follow his progress and watch the videos as they are released.



Here is the link to Episode 1 of 13 of the Why I Love the Blues WEB video series that was filmed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in January… Enjoy… I am in an episode and will let you know which one as soon as I know.

Marshall Lawrence will be releasing 1 episode a week on Wednesdays.


Episode 01: Why I Love The Blues: Blues Has Feeling – It’s Got Guts !!!

Ep 01 Why I Love The Blues: Blues Has Feeling – It’s Got GutsThis Why I Love The Blues episode features: Teddy (Lloyd) Johnson – http://teddysjukejoint.com/


Keep on Bluesin’ my Brothers and Sisters !!!!

Marshall Lawrence



A few details on Marshall Lawrence


Marshall Lawrence | Neo-Delta Blues & Roots: Preserving History and Pushing Boundaries

Marshall Lawrence accurately calls his music “Neo-Delta Blues & Roots.” As an inoculation against the ills of the modern world, House Call delivers a shot of blues power directly to the soul.

The photos of Marshall come from his webpage.

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