Hash Brown Blues Band Reunion at Legend’s in Bristol


This Friday evening concert was listed as a Hash Brown Blues Band Reunion.  The main feature being that Magic Dave Theriault would be joining former bandmate Hash Brown.

Hash was up from Dallas for the Holidays, so you know this was going to be a big show.  Friends and family were bound to show.  Legends has that welcoming feel making it a good place for such a gathering.

Friends came by to say hello before the music started.

Jr Krause catches up with Hash

Jr Krause catches up with Hash

Hash calls the evening to order.


The band was ready with Ben on bass and Billy on drums.

5DSC_0018 (2) 4DSC_0024

Now whlie Magic Dave was on the way, there were plenty of harp players in the room.  Drew Blood was the first up.



Hash was in good form, energized by the warmth of the crowd.


Other harp players included Jr Krause and Ryan Hartt.



With that kind of music people had to start dancing.


This guy’s moves were so good, they were being saved for future review.


Then what everyone was anticipating happened.  Magic Dave arrived.  He stopped by to say hello to each band member.



Hash and Dave

Hash and Dave

First Magic Dave showed off his harps to Hash, who has been known to blow some harp as well as play guitar and sing.


So on to more blues.

DSC_0068 DSC_0072 DSC_0069

It was not only harp talent in the audience Carl Ricci on guitar put more strings into the mix.
















Mike Law and Ryan took advantage of time to exercise.









The crowd was enjoying it.


More playing



They finally took a break and I used that time to say a quick good-by.

Now Legends was a good place for this gathering as I said.  More than anything it was the “vibe.”  It had a welcoming aura and enough room to move around.  The pizza looked good as did a plate of wings.  I gotta go back when I don’t have to worry about food on the cameras.

It has plenty of sports things to do and TV to make sure you get your favorite team.

the Logo

the Logo

signs of the times

wDSC_0045 wDSC_0042

I guess this is the entertainment amp.


Harp players catching up with Magic Dave, Ryan and River City Slim.


Always good to have Hash Brown up for a visit.

DSC_0015 (2)


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2 responses to “Hash Brown Blues Band Reunion at Legend’s in Bristol

  1. Ed Stack

    Damn, that’s a “Blues Party”.
    Ed Stack

  2. Sharon Fyler Browne

    Wow…I was such a fan of Hash Brown Blues Band back in the day and especially loved Magic Dave Theriault…through-the-roof awesome harp player! What a great reunion this surely was! Now, I’m off to search YouTube In hopes of finding a video of this momentous occasion and hearing some Hash Brown Magic! 🎶🎶

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