Front Row Band at The Cypress

zFront Row 4 2015 147

While at Mike’s Blues Collar Bar last week, I met and had a chance to talk with Mitch Leighton.  He is the leader of the Front Row Band.  When I found out that they were playing at the Cypress Resturant, it seemed like a good way to spend a Saturday.

yFront Row 4 2015 002

The Cypress is a friendly, family run place that has a feel for bringing in blues.  The food is also worth a mention.


Front Row 4 2015 094Front Row 4 2015 095








The front Row Band consists of Mitch on guitar, Mike on drums, and John on bass.  All three did lead vocals and back-ups.  Joining them was Ed on sax.



The Band:


















They played some blues and some classics that brought people to the dance floor.


Now I have been experimenting with going no-flash.  Many of the bigger venues have that as a policy, so I practice when I can.  That means some of the pictures could have a tint to them.


Mitch being blue, then going green for the environment.

Front Row 4 2015 060

Front Row 4 2015 109

Here is a blue one of Mike.  He looks stern behind the drums but in conversation he is pretty easy going.














A couple of guests in the audience gave Mitch and John a breather.  Dick took on the bass and Edwin from Montana handled guitar and vocals.






This also gave John some time to be a little more animated.

Front Row 4 2015 123Front Row 4 2015 114









Now Ed took a serious moment.

Front Row 4 2015 071









Now Mitch was in good voice and why not the sound was handled by his son Jason.  Mitch has a distinctive guitar style and sound.

Mitch on vocals

Mitch on vocals










The crowd enjoyed themselves.

The  other news was that Mitch will be runnung a Wednesday jam at the newly renovated Blue Plate in Plainville.

aFront Row 4 2015 012


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4 responses to “Front Row Band at The Cypress

  1. Mitchell leighton

    Thank you Dominic for the awesome photos and kind words, see you soon.

  2. Ed Stack

    Looks like you had a good time at The Cypress. The Front Row Band have been playing a lot of the clubs in the area. We should recruit them for the CTBS Band Challenge next year.
    Ed Stack

  3. Carolyn

    Fun time! Great mix of music and good company.

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