Blues Hall of Fame – The First Day

HOF-OpeningNow it is Friday morning and the Grand Opening of the Blues Hall of Fame.  Even after a long night, fans gathered early.


The building looks good.  I can’t wait to get inside.  I had the opportunity to take some photos before the crowd got in to showcase the HoF.  I hope to get just enough to whet interest without giving away too much.  You should get the pure enjoyment that comes with seeing this Blues Destination.

Let’s take a look inside.







The first floor has some space for operations.

A space to sit and relax, as used by Marcia, Jean, and Dorothy.





The exhibits are all around and down the stairs is the main area.


At the end of the hall is the Data Center.








The Data center has booths on either side that can be used to study.


The exhibits bring on a sense of emotion, from thrills, chills, goose bumps and tears.  It has an ability to touch the soul.

eeeeDSC_0051Jay greets the entering crowd.

People get a chance to view the history both upstairs and down.

Blues Bobby at an exhibit

Blues Bobby at an exhibit


















Former Board members Bill and Jerry get to take it all in.



Now is time for the Ribbon cutting.



Jay and Eddie

Jay and Eddie

It was not just the USA that was represented, outside I spoke with a woman from Australia and inside a delegation from Norway.


To say this building had an impact on its visitors is an understatement.  It is about people for people.














OK, I’ll give away a little bit about the memories this Hall brings forward.



Dorothy Moore and Paul celebrate.

I get a photo with Dorothy.


A place to contemplate

A place to contemplate

What is noticeable is the warmth of the structure.  You come to expect that from century old wood floors but the glass and metal are embracing as well.

Outside the Hall is part of the visit.  Little Milton sits on a bench to welcome you.  It is a natural for a photo op.


















The whole effect is a job well done and worth visiting.  Plan on spending some time to take in the total experience.


The Hall of Fame is across from the Civil Rights Museum.  Two Memphis sites that have had an impact on this country.


Questions/comments, I can be reached through the Blog comments or at BluesBeatNews is written, produced, directed and photographed by Domenic Forcella. My weekly Blues Beat column appears in the New Britain Herald, Bristol Press, Middletown Press and Torrington Register-Citizen.

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3 responses to “Blues Hall of Fame – The First Day

  1. Joey Forcella

    Great!! Love all the background info you gave

  2. Carolyn

    Glad you got to be there for the opening Dom. I know how much the Blues Foundation means to you. But, I almost didn’t recognize you. Where’s your hat?

  3. Ed Stack

    Quite an improvement from when I stopped there a couple of years ago.

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