Memphis Trip Slowing Down

Now Saturday was a little different day in Memphis. Kind of relaxing and looking at the week’s photos. Thinking how great the Blues Hall of Fame is. Memphis should be proud.

Thought I would stop in on Beale Street. Forgot about the Grizzlies-Golden State playoff game. Plus the minor league baseball team, the Redbirds were playing. Needless to say there was a crowd on Beale.

Beale Street

Beale Street

By the end of the night, the police were using metal detectors on people as they enter the entertainment area of Beale.  Seems everyone is more nervous or security concerned.  Things were still pretty easy going.

The street tumblers were at work too.

I made my way to the Dr. Ernest C. Withers Gallery. His grandson Ernest showed me a new room dedicated to the entertainers. His photos are a history of the Civil Rights movement and more.


The Memphis Sanitation Worker’s strike and “I Am A Man” March still evoke awe.  As an aside, I was talking to a gentleman from Detroit and we were discussing the day Dr. King was shot and its impact on his city.  By way of discussion I usually refer to Stanley Tools to give people an idea of where I am from.  He worked for the City doing repair work and one of his tools was a Stanley Tape measure.  Some time later as I was standing by a busy corner waiting for a friend, he walked by on his way out of Beale and shouted over see ya Stanley.  Brought a smile.

Next up was Rum Boogie.  Got some music in at Rum Boogie and talked with Paul and Jean Benjamin.

Sunday Wilde

Sunday Wilde

The Band

The Band

The Drummer

The Drummer








A little more music.









Some Memphis sights:






Next up was some food with a friend. Rick O’Brien, former Hartford resident and now active Memphis citizen, got together for a quiet place to talk. Flynn’s had Chris playing an accoustic set. Ribs and wings were the order of the day.




Me and Rick

Me and Rick

After some catching up, it was time to prepare for the trip home. Living in an apartment just gave me more room to spread my stuff around.

One thing I noticed is the bus system seems to be a lot slower than the trolley. Hopefully, my return to Memphis in January will see the trolleys back in service.
My Memphis time ended with Alonzo from Tennco Express taking me to the airport.  It will probably be Monday before I get home, but I am ready to turn around and do it again.
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One response to “Memphis Trip Slowing Down

  1. Ed Stack

    Obviously you had a super time at in Memphis. A wave to the drummer (Sonny Rock from the Tas Cru Band) – one of the most sociable people you will meet on Beale Street.

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