PA Blues Fest – Friday

ADSC_0005This year the Pennsylvania Blues Festival came back to the Poconos that fans call home.  The fans were not the only ones happy, so were the local businesses.

DSC_0007Lake Harmony had a good weekend, excellent weather until the last Sunday act.  Part of my Pocono routine is to stop at the Church of St Peter the Fisherman and light a candle for good weather.

Opening night featured Philadelphia harmonica player Mikey Junior’s Blues Revue.  For this night’s event, Mikey went and sought out good musicians from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Many of them he had personal ties to.

When I walked into the GalleriaGovernor’s Ballroom. the first person I saw was Guy.  He videos the weekend’s activities.

Guy and Michael getting the evening set

Guy and Michael getting the evening set

Now there were a great number of musicians to photography.  I hope I got all the names.  If not, give Mikey a call.

Our DJ Host

Our DJ Host

Micheal Cloren welcomes and talks about the Fest

Micheal Cloeren welcomes and talks about the Fest

Then Mikey Jr took over.  So much blues that I’ll let the pics do the talking.

Mikey, Jr brings on the acts

Mikey, Jr brings on the acts

The Mikey, Jr Band





The man who worked all night

Scott, the man who worked all night

The guitar player was Dean Shot.  He played various roles from back-up to upfront.



Mikey, Jr.


Mikey’s parents were ready to come out.  First Stepmom Robin and Big Daddy came out.


Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Then it was Mikey, Sr.

Mikey, Sr

Mikey, Sr

The evening was just getting started and you knew it was going to be an entertaining night.  Let me just show you the Players that came on stage.

Gypsy Joe Alves

Gypsy Joe

Gypsy Joe

was away from the music for awhile but was classy on the guitar.

The band



Georgie Bonds


Rev. Flaming Harry


Now for some of the youth movement.

Vanessa Collier, she will be at the IBC.


Bev Conklin & Joe Mac


Little Red Rooster Band

DSC_0475DSC_0538Now for some Dean Shot time.  For part of his set, Dean was bringing out his inner Italian.


He also put on a show in the audience with some trick playing.


Playing at the sound board

Playing at the sound board

And you knew sooner or later a jam would break out.




Then Mikey explained how to beat a DUI by using the patch.


Well, I am exhausted just reliving the night and there is still the two days at the Big Stage and Tent stage, the Tribute to Johnny “Clyde” Copeland,and Slam Allen.  A lot still to take in.

Questions/comments, I can be reached through the Blog comments or at  BluesBeatNews is written, produced, directed and photographed by Domenic Forcella.  My weekly Blues Beat column appears in the New Britain Herald, Bristol Press, Middletown Press and Torrington Register-Citizen.

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Blues columnist writing a weekly column dedicated to the Blues. The only column of its kind in a commercial (paid subscription) newspaper. Column appears in the Middletown Press, Bristol Press, Torrington Register-Citizen, and the New Britain Herald. Forcella has served on the Board of Directors of the Blues Foundation representing the Journalism constituency. Served on the Board of Directors Connecticut Blues Society as Past President and Past Editor of newsletter. Recipient: Keeping the Blues Alive award in Journalism from the Blues Foundation. Has contributed both writing and photos to nationnal blues publications.

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