PA Blues Festival – Saturday


Now we are into the  first full day of the  Festival.  Before getting to the site, time for some breakfast.  Went to one of the spots that I like Chat N Chew.

DSC_0001 (2)

Chat N Chew is home to the Famous “Messy Mike” breakfast sandwich, Two eggs-choice of meat-cheese-piled high with home fries-on a Kaiser roll.  After that we visited the Blakeslee Flea Market.  Bought some fleas (attempt at humor).

Now we are off to the Festival.


The day’s line-up includes:


Selwyn Birchwood

Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers

Sugar Ray & The Bluetones

Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington & The Roadmasters

Shemekia Copeland

While over in the Tent Stage you had the choice of:

Harmonica Shah & Carlton Washington

John Mooney

Harmonica Shah & Carlton Washington

John Mooney

Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers

With all this blues, I had to make some picks.  Plus a stop for food and a visit to the vendors were needed.  That means I did not get pictures of everyone, but you will see what I saw for entertainment.

Selwyn Birchwood

The festival begins

The festival begins

pafest2 005pafest2 008










pafest2 024








Walking the crowd

pafest2 133

pafest2 136

Closing out

pafest2 171

Me and friend Eric relaxing on the hill.


Some people had other ways of passing the time.


Next up – Dwayne Dopsiepafest2 176 & The Zydeco Hellraisers












pafest2 334pafest2 328








Did the crowd like it?

pafest2 272

Dwayne putting some real energy into his playing.

pafest2 188









A trip to the Tent to see Harmonica Shah & Carlton Washington





Now back to the Main Stage

CD sales were brisk, with the proceeds going to the artists and not the festival.








and a little help keeping cool








Sugar Ray & The Bluetones.  I had just seen them last month in Hartford, but they are worth seeing again and again.  A fine set that had a buzz going around the festival.

It was a heartfelt intro by their friend and ace photographer Joe Rosen that brought them on stage.

pafest2 363








Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray







Now his guitar player is Mike Welch.  At a young age given the nicknamr Monster Mike, well he is older now but the guitar playing has only got better.  Let’s say he is beyond Monster.


pafest2 372







Each member of this band could form the base for a band.  They are that good.  Anthony on keys offers writing talent as well.

pafest2 379e







My photos of Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington & The Roadmasters disappeared.

Next was Shemekia Copeland.  She sounds better than ever.  While the stage event was fun, I was looking forward to the evening tribute to her father.









More to come.

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2 responses to “PA Blues Festival – Saturday

  1. Frank Davis

    I hope Selwyn Birchwood closed out with “Hoodoo Stew”
    They closed with that song at the Blues Music awards and it was smoking!
    Birchwood and his band will be at Black Eyed Sallies August 21st

  2. Ed Stack

    Selwyn did “Hoodoo Stew”. It reminded me of Kenny Neal.

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