Kal David and Lauri Bono at Infinity Hall

001Infinity Hall 9 19 057

Infinity Hall Hartford had a fine night Saturday as they brought in two entertaining acts.  Sharing the stage was Kal David and Lauri Bono and the Real Deal.  After they performed it was Savoy Brown led by Kim Simmonds.  These are two good acts that alone would be a great night out.

I wasn’t going to write much about the show but just post some pictures and let them do the talking.  Will see how long that lasts.

First let me say a big thanks to all the Infinity staff I dealt with.  More than helpful, introductions and assistance in meeting Kal and Lauri started the evening.  I hadn’t seen Kal and Lauri together since Beef Stew had them on his show.

And the way the production staff light the stage, other venues could take a lesson.  With the right settings one never needs a flash, which is good because a no flash rule is in play at many venues.

The stage is set

The stage is set

Once Kal started it was full speed ahead.

003Infinity Hall 9 19 088

004Infinity Hall 9 19 114








The  Real Deal

The Real Deal


The Real Deal

The Real Deal








Lauri Bono adds her vocals to the mix.  She just brings the sound to another level.

007nfinity Hall 9 19 107








Kal spent some time talking with the audience.  The crowd was on his side from the moment he stepped on stage and it only got better.

010Infinity Hall 9 19 148






Kal mentioned that he and Lauri have been doing this for 38 years.  This was really visible when they sang to each other.  The dynamic was felt across the crowd.

015Infinity Hall 9 19 138e






The Real Deal had some help with a horn section.





and more Horns

and more Horns









His new CD, just out had horns on it so he brought them along.

016Infinity Hall 9 19 198

019Infinity Hall 9 19 171








021Infinity Hall 9 19 252






Kal looking serious but as you can see, always having fun,  and that went right out into the seats.

018Infinity Hall 9 19 184






The Band got ready for a closing bow and then out to the lobby to meet and greet.  And that they did that along with taking photos and meeting old fans and friends








022Infinity Hall 9 19 340

Out in the lobby my friend Dave had a chance to say hi to Lauri.  They were high school classmates.



Few other faces from the past also came by to say hello.  They all remember what a great voice she had.

024Infinity Hall 9 19 369e







014Infinity Hall 9 19 145

025Infinity Hall 9 19 060

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